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Terms and conditions:

  1. General-Bye Law(61) :

*** Please read following terms and conditions carefully and put a / mark on the box beside.

  1. Reservation must be made by a Member of the club and Member’s signature must appear in this form for reservation to be valid.
  2. Submission of Reservation Form not to be treated as reservation confirmed.
  3. The Booking Member must hire a stand-by Generator for using of decorative lights.

In case of power failure the Club will not provide Generator for decorative lights.

  1. When a reservation is made for the Club premises other that on Friday, strict adherence to Club Bye-Laws with regard to dress code and conduct is compulsory, failing which, the Applicant will be liable for consequences that may arise from any breach of the Bye-Laws.
  2. A copy of the pertinent invitation card must submitted to the Club Secretarial at least 15 days before the occasion, otherwise reservation is liable for cancellation regardless of payment of reservation fees in advance.
  3. No Cinema can be screened (Except C-Max) under any booking.
  4. If only Banquet Hall is reserved then Family Dining must be taken.
  5. Applicant Representative must sign the Clearance form on completion of the program. No claim shall be entertained after the program.
  6. 1st floor facilities shall remain “ Out of Bound” for non-Member Guest.
  7. Main Club Premises “ Shall include only Banquet Hall, Auditorium and Family Dining.
  8. Wedding of Wedding Reception Shall be held on Friday and Saturdays only in the Club and can only be held if the bridegroom or the bride in the son or daughter of a member or members own brother or sister of himself/herself.
  9. Any sub-Let of space/accommodation to any other company/firm is strictly prohibited.
  10. Poster / leaflet of any company other than the booking firm is strictly prohibited.
  11. If space is allocated or if any other company / firm is accommodated, booking/ program will be instantly cancelled.

2) Do (s) & Don’t(s)-Bye-Law (62) :

Please read following terms and conditions carefully and put a mark on the box beside

  1. In case of reservation of the club Auditorium guest will be required to use the path via Lawn verandah and must remain within the confines of Auditorium ? Banquet Hall till completion of the vent.
  2. In the event of Swimming Pool reservation, Applicant must ensure that the pool water will not be contaminated in any way. Any charges for cleaning / disinfecting of the pool water will be debited to the account of the applicant.
  3. Use of Loud Speaker is not allowed at the guest house party center.
  4. No press conference of political conference /Gathering can be arranged under any booking.
  5. Use of PA system, Music, and Musical instruments / Sound System & Loud Speakers (Excecpt on Friday) are strictly prohibited for main Club premises unless a written permission is obtained from the General Committee.
  6. For indoor premises, no extra decoration and lighting will be allowed, No nails, staples or no screws in any wall or ceiling are allowed. Use of Hammers, electric tools etc. are completely prohibited.
  7. Slaughtering , de-skinning, washing and cleaning of cows, goats and chickens are strictly prohibited within the club premises.
  8. Any kind of fireworks or firry activities in the club premises are strictly prohibited.


3) Payment Related Issues-Bye Law (63) :

Please read following terms and conditions carefully and put a mark on the box beside .

  1. Venue rental charge must be PAID IN DVANCE or within 10 days after the approval by the General Committee. Otherwise the reservation will be treated null and void.
  2. Members must hire CCL’s Chairs & Tables up to 400 persons as per prescribed rental terms nad policy .
  3. The booking member must ensure complete removal of all hired articles from the Club on the day after the program positively by 0800 hours. Failure to do so will result in a levy charge of Tk. 5,000/ per hour.
  4. The booking Member must complete the program by 12:00 a.m. (i.e. early hours of the following day ). Otherwise a levy of Tk. 10,000/- will be charged for per hour after 12:00 a.m. and will be added as additional charge with the existing rent of the venue.
  5. In case of day long program /Exhibition, rental charges will be levied @ 1.5 times of prescribed charges.
  6. For corporate events venue charge for swimming pool premises will be Tk. 1,00,000/-
  7. Corporate officials Events, AGM, EGM etc. in day time (10:00 am – 04:00 pm will be charged of 60 of total venue charge for Banquet Hall and Auditorium.
  8. 75% food charges must be paid in advance 15 days before the program. Blance amount be settled within 7 days after the program.
  9. Vat on food charge must be paid to custom, excise & Cat authority by the applicant in advance as per rate.
  10. Electricity Charge will be charged as per sub meter reading of the respective venues.
  11. Corkage charge : Outside food is discouraged but member can arrange food by using his own source in such case corkage charge @ Tk. 50/- per person will be charge for each guest (Corkage charge shall not include the charges for crockery, cutleries, bearers, decorations and others)
  12. Cook-Shed Charge is Tk. 5000/- (if used).
  13. If the number of guests exceeds that the confirmed figure, a penalty @ Tk. 100/- per person would be charged.
  14. A sum of Tk. 10000/= will be charged if lawn veranda is used for lunch / dinner purpose.


Cancellation of Reservation policy:

If cancelled within 15 days after approval by GC : 10% deduction of the Reservation fee.

If cancelled 30 days before the program                                : 50% deduction of the Reservation Fee.

If cancelled within 30 days of program                    : No refund.


  1. P) Bye Law-64 : Arch way charge : If one venue is booked the charge shall be Tk. 1500/- and if two venues are booked at the ground floor, then the charge shall be Tk. 2000/- The arch way charge will be realized along with the venue rent.


4) Points to be noted:

Please read following terms and conditions carefully and put a mark on the box beside


  1. Bye Law-65 : Any misdeclaration of facts relating to the program event at the club will lead to cancellation of reservation along with a monetary penalty of Tk. 50000/- plus minimum three months suspension of club membership.
  2. Any damage to club property, interior panels, ceilings or decorations will be charged and debited to the Applicant whose name and signature appears in this Reservation Form.
  3. The club Authority reserves the right to cancel/entertain any / all reservation request without assigning any cause / reason at any time
  4. Carrying guns / Ammunitions /Explosives (any kind of firry items) in the club compound by members / their Guest is strictly prohibited.


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